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Silicon remelt aus pot scrap, sortiert und sandgestrahlt

Silicon remelt out of pot scrap, sorted and sandblasted

  • Si remelt out of pot scrap, sorted and sandblasted
  • Remaining ratio quartz: 0%
  • Degree of solar utilization: 100%
  • Sorted in resistance classes
    P-Type: 1–5 Ohm/cm, 5–10 Ohm/cm, >10 Ohm/cm
    N-Type: 1–3 Ohm/cm, 3–10 Ohm/cm, >10 Ohm/cm
  • Sandblasted (washing or etching might be necessary)
  • Grit size: 3–60 mm, or 5–500 mm (2% deviation possible)
  • Packed in boxes with big bag inside, on wooden pallets (IPPC) or drums on pallets (IPPC)
Pot scrap ohne Widerstand

Pot scrap
without resistivity

  • Si pot scrap, loose and adherent quartz removed
  • Coating remains on Si
  • Remaining ratio quartz: 1–3 %
  • Without resistivity (< 15 mm not tested)
  • Grit size: 2–200 mm
  • Packed in big bag wooden pallets (IPPC)

1995: Robert-Bosch-Str. 3, Ampfing
since 2000: Industriestr. 34, 84539 Ampfing

head office

1995: Isenstr. 24a, 84539 Ampfing
since 2000: Dorfplatz 7, 84539 Zangberg

company foundation

Die Gründung der Firma PREX Metall erfolgte am 1. Januar 1995

business purpose

purchase and sale of silicon and silicon products
procedural conditioning of silicon and silicon products (silicon remelt/scrap). The range of products extends from pot scrap to broken wafer and tops&tails or cones out of the semiconductor production.

Beside the Sale of silicon products, we offer to condition customers material and sort or clean it according to the customers request.

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Dorfplatz 7, 84539 Zangberg

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